Oct 012014

“Already known for their musical precision, this album [Ruining Lives] is another step up for the New York three-piece, with every chord, beat and vocal landing exactly where it should, no mean feat for a band that inject[s] a raw thrash element into nearly every track. Prong have a knack for getting you pumped up, with over twenty years experience they know just where to place the pinch harmonics and drum rolls to get your fists pumping. Ruining Lives shines a light on their post-metal side, embracing the clatter of the double bass pedal and thundering downtuned chords in an impressively disciplined display of harmonic aggression.” – Jeremy Daniel, Altsounds.com
A lot of metal bands these days have some pretty obscure names that often don’t communicate much beyond their connotation. Prong, on the other hand, is quite the loaded name for a masculine metal band – it just speaks volumes. It’s also a New York City band, much also accounts somewhat for the name. They’ve been around since 1986 and have four times as many ex-members as current members. They have had their impact on other musicians as well, with Korn’s Jonathan Davis and Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nail – among others – claiming their influence. With eight studio albums, one live, four EPs and a remix, they have a solid catalog to draw from, with their latest being Ruining Lives. It’s the driver for the current tour, which stops at the Diamond Pub Concert Hall on October 5, with Krosjoint, Luther and Popkiss Chainsaw opening. Tickets are $12.

See if you agree with this sentiment – “Revenge Best Served Cold”:


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Sep 302014

We have a special treat in store for us this fall: we finally get a show that we deserve. I have bitched for years about all the big shows not coming to Louisville, and that all we seem to get are watered-down commercial concerts that the big venues deem safe and worthy (lame), which isn’t saying much.

But do we get shows with balls? Very rarely. Do we ever get huge cool national outdoor concerts that kick ass? Once in a very blue moon. Yeah, our city seems scared to death to have anything with any kind of balls to it playing our beloved city. Fortunately an out-of-town promoter has come to the rescue. I could kiss this promoter, and I’m not even gay! Two days of live music! The Louder Than Life Festival! October 4 and 5 at Champions Park down on the river. I know not many of you know about Champions Park, so I’ll tell you where it is: It’s at the old River Road Country Club property on River Road near the Water Tower. If you take Zorn Ave to the river, you will turn left on River Road, and there is Champions Park on your left. I’m extremely happy because my favorite metal band, Judas Priest, is headlining, and that is just unbelieveable. As uptight/scared as this city is, this is a miracle and just what our city needs. To be competitive with other cities. To not be scared to death of a rock/metal show with grit. To give us rockers a show that we can have fun at. Saturday and Sunday, October 4 and 5, we will get our chance to rock.
It’s a two-day festival that features quite a lineup:
Saturday: Judas Priest, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Stone Temple Pilots, Alterbridge, Steel Panther, Mastodon, Theory Of A Deadman, Pop Evil, Memphis May Fire, Otherwise, Fuel, Thousand Foot Crutch, Miss May I, Nonpoint, Wilson and local rockers Flaw.
Sunday: Kid Rock, Five Finger Death Punch, Volbeat, Papa Roach, A Day To Remember, Buck Cherry, Bring Me The Horizon, Hellyeah, In This Moment, Chiodos, Motionless In White, Nothing More, Butcher Babies, Avatar, Crobot, Monster Truck and Islander.
On top of all this music, the festival promises plenty of fine bourbon and gourmet “man food. “
So make your plans now, because this is going to be off-the-hook. Get your tickets A. S. A. P. I will have more info as the show approaches. My personal faves on this Festival are; Judas Priest (duh), Steel Panther, Flaw, Five Finger Death Punch, Hellyeah and Volbeat.
Tickets are for both days: $79.50 adv/ $109.50 DoS Single Day: $59.Single

Tickets are available at http://www.ticketmaster.com/Louder-Than-Life-tickets/artist/2002985

—-Eddy Metal

Here is some classic (and obscure) Judas Priest for ya!

More info:
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Sep 292014

Deadly serious whimsy might be the best label for the collective called Of Montreal, which rolls into Headliners October 3. Supposedly named after a failed romance with a woman “of Montreal,” the band has moved from a peculiar mix of vaudeville, late-Sixties era Beatles and Kinks-style psychedelic pop to a (perhaps) equally odd mix of funk, glam, electronica and Afrobeat, with sides of folk rock and disco. They come by their eclectic tastes naturally, as the group comes from a larger collective called Elephant 6 (The Elephant 6 Recording Company), bound together by a shared admiration of Sixties pop. This also means that the bands tend to promiscuously share members, as well as exhibit a tendency to lyrical weirdness. They are on tour with Pillar Point, supporting their most recent record, Lousy With Sylvianbriar, and, presumably, their new DVD, a documentary called “The Past Is A Grotesque Animal.” The Deloreans will open. Tickets are $17 adv / $20 DoS.

Watch the official video for “She Ain’t Speakin’ Now”:


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Sep 282014

The Mercury Ballroom isn’t going to be decked out  tailgate fashion but it’ll have a distinctively blue collar feel on October 2, when “Bro” country musician and former construction worker Josh Thompson drops by for a show, in support of his second album, Turn It Up, which recently peaked at No. 7 on the US Country charts. Like most Nashville singer/songwriters, Thompson first demonstrated that he could write, scoring the title cut of Jason Michael Carroll’s Growing Up Is Getting Old before signing with Columbia Records Nashville. Also like most Nashville artists, he’s now on his third label, after two releases. Blaise Streets and Brinley Addington will open. Tickets are $10 / Balcony $15.

Sep 282014

Sometimes the plugs for a band comes from the strangest of places; a few days back, I was in my dentist’s office for a routine bit of teeth cleaning. The dental hygenist was chatting about spending the weekend on her houseboat once when a male friend called and said that The Paul Thorn Band was in town and he thought they should go, immediately, which she did, leaving weekend boat trip dead in the water, at least until the next day. With fans like that, you have to assume that a performer was something real going on. I expect my dental hygenist to be at Headliners Music Hall on October 2, when singer-songwriter and former boxer Paul Thorn brings both his bands, acoustic and electric, to town, supporting his latest, Too Blessed To Be Stressed, an album of songs he wrote to “make people feel good” rather than writing songs from his past. This, from a guy who wrote a song called “It’s a Great Day To Whup Somebody’s Ass.” Tickets are $20 Adv/$23 DoS.

Here’s the official video for “Everybody Needs Somebody” from the new record:


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Sep 272014

The Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra featuring Wynton Marsalis arrives at Whitney Hall on October 1 as a part of the Midnite Ramble series. Wynton Marsalis is, of course, deservedly famous for his work educating listeners about jazz and blues as well as music in general and has been in town several times. The Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra is also top ranked among jazz orchestras. The LO PR has a rather succinct bit to say about it: “The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, led by Wynton Marsalis, is made up of 15 of the finest soloists, ensemble players, and arrangers in jazz music today. The mission of Jazz at Lincoln Center is to entertain, enrich and expand a global community for Jazz through performance, education and advocacy. JALC believes Jazz is a metaphor for Democracy. Because jazz is improvisational, it celebrates personal freedom and encourages individual expression. Because jazz is swinging, it dedicates that freedom to finding and maintaining common ground with others. Because jazz is rooted in the blues, it inspires us to face adversity with persistent optimism.” Tickets start at $25.

Here’s a video from a show at Cornell University:


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Sep 272014

Marietta, Georgia boy Ron Pope stops in at Headliners on October 1. A pop singer-songwriter, Pope is a prolific record-maker, having a list of albums that comes to eleven in seven years, which is no small feat. He’s also done fairly well with televisions placements, getting songs on Fox’s “So Yo Think You Can Dance,” The Vampire Diaries and on a couple of British TV shows. He courted success first via ye olde Internet before moving on to a slightly more standard method: playing a lot. His second single from 2014’s Calling Off The Dogs is “Nothing.” He’s been through town a couple of times, playing The Rud and Uncle Slayton’s. Check out the video if you are not familiar with his work. Frances Cone and von Grey open.Tickets are $15.

Take a look at “Nothing” from Calling Off The Dogs:


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Sep 252014

“a soul-shaking brand of dancehall reggae, a show that captures both the jam band vibe of Phish and the ska-punk of Sublime” – Kevin Pang, Chicago Tribune
Pegging Matisyahu to a specific genre of music has proven to be a fool’s errand over the course the artist’s career. Beginning as a rapper, then a Chassidic rapper, then a Chassidic reggae star with a beard, then he lost the beard and worked his way into some rock. Now it’s apparently a mix of all his influences, which could be a little strange. His religious life has evolved right along with his music (or vice versa). Whatever it is now, he’s going to do it at Headliners on September 29, as part of his promotional tour for his latest CD, Akeda. California’s Radical Something will open. At Headliners Music Hall on September 29, tickets are $25 adv/$28 Dos.

Watch “Surrender” from the new album:


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