Nov 252014

Eddy Metal’s Rock For Kosair X is scheduled to happen at the Phoenix Hill Tavern on November 29, with a ton of bands, playing in all the big rooms at the Phoenix Hill. As The “X” indicates, this event is the tenth one that he has put on, with the cooperation of the Phoenix Hill and the many bands that have played for free for the last decade. The proceeds from the event are used to buy toys for the children at Kosair Children’s Hospital and are delivered before Christmas. Tickets are only $10. Definitely a deal.
Sponsors for this event include: B-Mart, J&J Old Louisville Music Shop, Music Go Round, Guitar Center, Stay Gold Tattoos, Imperial Tattoos, Kentucky Tattoos, Raw, Detoxify & Dr Dabber and WTFX & WQMF.
Here’s the schedule:
9:00- 9:40 Tim Vacancy
9:55- 10:30 Jayson William Allen
10:50- 11:25 Jon Hager
11:45- 12:30 Digg
1:00- 2:30 Mooseknuckle


7:30 -8:10 Old Soul Envy
8:30- 9:10 Johari
9:30- 10:10 Unleashed
10:30- 11:10 Maloik
11:30- 12:30 Grindstone
1:00- 1:50 Rock Brigade
2:10- 3:00 Punchdrunk


7:30 -8:10 Year Of The Gun
8:30- 9:10 Krosjoint
9:30- 10:10 16 Bones
10:30- 11:10 Signal The Revolution
11:30- 12:20 Zebras In Public
1:00- 1:45 Pantera cover band INFANTRY #333
2:10- 3:00 Bury The Wicked

Here’s a sample from last year’s event:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1438428629753475/

Nov 252014

If jambands and screaming rockers aren’t to your taste, then perhaps a bit of bro-country (which is just to the right of rock), courtesy of singer-songwriter Chase Rice will suit you. Rice has not quite achieved the level of fame that he clearly seeks (he was a contestant on Survivor: Nicaragua, where was a runner-up.), though he’s made a pretty good start at it: he scored a bit of songwriting success with “Cruise,” which Georgia-Florida Line released and the first single, “Ready Set Roll” from his new record, Ignite The Night, reeleased this August, went gold, while Ignite the Night debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top Country Album Chart. It’s also the name of the tour. He’s now three albums into a country music career, with Country As Me and Dirt Road Communion released in 2011 and 2012, respectively. Should he be able to continue the string, he might be playing Yum! next, so if you’re a fan, head on down to the Mercury Ballroom on Saturday, November 28 and see what you think of his live show. Tickets are $20 adv plus fees.

Watch “Ready Set Roll”:


Website: chaserice.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChaseRiceMusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/chasericemusic

Nov 242014

Is there an unending appetite for jambands in Louisville? Promoters and club bookers seem to think so, as there is a pretty steady stream of said bands through town. For the Friday after Thanksgiving, you can headband it over to Headliners for an evening of genre-hopping improvization from Dayton’s own The Werks, which is all-you-can-dance, musical cafe style. Now, back in the olden days (the Aughts), bands were measured in part by the chart action of their records. The Werks big claim to fame is that in 2011, they were the number 2 top searched aritsts on Jam Magazine, behind only Phish. In 2012, they were Number 1. Well, take your plaudits where you may. They have a couple of new records: The Mr. Smalls Sessions, released in September and Dark Side OF The Moon, a co-performance with Dopapod and Papdosio. They have all the right markers, see? Getzy and Derek LaFountain open. Tickets are $12 Adv/$15 DoS.

Here’s a 9:44 jam on “Heading South”:


Website: thewerksmusic.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thewerksmusic
Bandcamp: thewerks.bandcamp.com/

Nov 242014

The name is Purling Hiss, the meaning – who knows? Its’s a Philadelphia outfit assembled by Mike Polizze (Birds of Maya) and now a touring group. The Other Side Of Life is promoting this show and they have a distinct, if overblown, description which might help: “Purling Hiss became a full-fledged touring unit in 2010, revealing themselves to not only be purveyors of Rallizes Denudes/Vermonster-style guitar jams, but to have a serious 90’s grunge/pop ethic not too far removed from bits of Bleach-era Nirvana.” PH also has a new record, Weirdon, on Drag City. Louisville’s State Champion is also on the bill, promoting their second Sophomore Lounge release, Deep Sh*t. The whole shebang-bang-band goes down at the New Vintage on Thanksgiving Night, November 27. You can get your turkey-stuffed body in for some kind of calorie-burning movement for FREE! What’s not to like? Well, some folks might not like the music but we’re not talking to them. Move it on down.

Here’s “Mercujry Retrograde”:


Website: purlinghiss.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PurlingHiss
Twitter: https://twitter.com/purlinghiss
Bandcamp: purlinghiss.bandcamp.com/

Nov 232014

The New Basement Tapes, a.k.a. the T-Bone Burnettassembled supergroup that features Elvis Costello and members of My Morning Jacket, Mumford & Sons, Dawes and Carolina Chocolate Drops, were on The Jimmy Kimmel show, performing “Nothing To It,” from the new album Lost On The River , which features songs written by the various players, with lyrics from Bob Dylan’s The Basement Tapes period. How it all happened and how the group was assembled is along story: Read the Guardian’s version T

Nov 222014

Louisville’s synth-punk sci-fi rap trio Ultra Pulverize will recreate the entire soundtrack from the 1987 film, Robocop, at Headliners Music Hall on Wednesday, November 26; It will be a LIVE, full-length, electronic re-score, complete with with dialogue and sound effect samples from the film, and, as a statement against talking during movies, they will not be rapping. The reason for the tribute is simple – the band members were strongly effected by the film, which might have something to do with why they are referred to as ” A musical outfit with outfits” – they dress in costumes for their shows. Night Visions DJ will perform after the tribute.Tickets are only $10.

Here’s a video from Ultra Pulverize, but not abot Robocop:


Website: ultrapulverize.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ULTRA-PULVERIZE/97919652015
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ultrapulverize

Nov 212014

There’s something about a solid power trio that seems to anchor a band – noting the specification of “solid.” For the alt-rock trio Better Than Ezra, that solidlity might well have come from the shock of their lead guitarist’s suicide back in 1990, which cemented the band as a trio. Their first major release, Deluxe, hit No. 1 in 1995, after which came the usual churning of labels, followed by being dropped and winding up on a small label, which closed shortly after the release of their fourth album, Closer, which wound up not being released for seven years. More recently, Taylor Swift covered one of their tunes on a TV performance, which gave them a much-needed boost. Heading into the Mercury Ballroom on Saturday, November 22, they have a just-released album, All Together Now, on The End Records, making their output total seven studio albums. An outfit called Seven Handle Circus will open. Tickets are $25.