Nov 212014

“The horn section is in crisp shirts and ties, and front man Paul Janeway wears a suit jacket and pocket square. But then Janeway’s thunderous voice takes over: a raspy, rafter-rattling soul powerhouse that propels him to shimmy his way across the stage like Mick Jagger at a backwoods tent revival.” – Matt Hendrickson,
I have a friend from Cincinnati, a former Public Radio DJ turned nurse and Flamenco dancer who is just crazy, I mean crazy, for St. Paul And the Broken Bones, who’ll be at Headliners on Saturday, November 22. The only thing keeping her from trekking down to Louisville tomorrow is her mother’s Ninetieth birthady, which is sufficient reason to keep most people close to home. The rest of us here in Derby City have to come up with our own excuses to miss the most authentic, non-imitative Southern soul band to come along since before we thought Alabama Shakes might somehow slide into that slot. The leader, vocalist Paul Janeway, manages to deliver the soul without getting lost in the surrounding fog of years of prior vocalists; in short, it ain’t fakery. They’ve been through town several times this year, so they seem to being building an audience. Thye’ve only got two EPs and a just releaed full-length, Half The City, so far, which isn’t bad, considering that they put this thing together in 2012. Tickets are $20 adv/ $22 DoS.

Here’s the official video for Call Me>



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