Aug 272014

Look what Guided By Voices have done for the world since reforming in 2010. Six high-quality, full-length albums in less than four years. And that’s not counting EPs, singles, tours, or solo records. If the sorry state of the present day indie- alt- or just plain rock landscape is the disease, GBV is the cure! Do not take in moderation.” –
What makes a true Guided By Voices fan? Someone who has all the albums? Knows all the various players? Thinks the band lost its way in 1997 by signing with Capitol Records? Mourned the “disbanding” in 2004 and celebrated the return in 2010? Who the hell knows? You do, if one of those fans; the rest of us might have a passing familiar with one or another of the many, many records or even have heard the early lo-fi stuff and thought it was cool – or not. They’re coming back to town to play Headlienrs on August 30, with Bobby Bare Jr. on the tour. The latest (as of this writing) is Cool Planet. Tickets are $23 adv/ $25 DoS.

Listen to “Ticket To Hide” from Cool Planet:



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