May 032014

Call 311 in many cities and you get a metropolitan help line, which makes using that as a band name a tad bit problematic,yes? However, back in 1988 in the band’s hometown of Omaha, the number was police code for indecent exposure, so it was ideal for a bunch of young guys trying to establish a brand. Whatever. The longtime alt.rock / rap rock / metal / funk / reggae / jazz fusion band of that name will kick the doors down at the Palace on May 7. The band’s history is lengthy, as befits a twenty-six year career; their best-selling CD was 1995’s 311, which yielded “Down,” a No. 1 hit on the Modern Rock Tracks chart. Thereafter, their albums and singles often reached the Top Ten, but it wasn’t until 2004-2005 that they climbed to No. 1 again. But they sold a lot of records, toured relentlessly and instituted 311 Caribbean Cruises, which also were successful. Their current record is the just-released Stereolithic, which hit No. 1 on the Billboard’s US Alt Rock chart. Tickets are $36.50 plus $12.50.

Here’s “Down” (directions for the volume?):



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