Apr 062014

Singer-songwriter Corey Smith returns to the Derby City on April 10, for the seventh year in a row, this time at the Mercury Ballroom, assuming the construction delays have been resolved. His musical career began as a blues-rock-oriented singer/songwriter detailing the interests of young folks, particularly their interest in drinking. His first well-known song, “Twenty-one,” featured, well, drinking and chasing girls, but from the point of an older man looking back. He’s written a few more with the same theme but age has a way of putting a stamp on a musician, so watch for a bit more introspection. He’s still touring in support of “Live In Chattanooga.” He does have a new video, “Ain’t Goin’ Out Tonight” Watch it:


Website: CoreySmithMusic.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/coreysmithmusic?
MySpace: https://myspace.com/coreysmithmusic?

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