May 022012

As Derby fever builds heading into Saturday’s peak, the music blurs into all the rest of the noise of the festival. Nonetheless, there is plenty, although not of the level of some years back, when Derby Eve shows were seriously major events. For a list of some of the more interesting shows over the next few days, check the main Louisville Music News site (or just look to the left column on this one.) Notably, though, is the Waterfront show featuring Walk The Moon and Ha Ha Tonka. With the storms past, it should be a night to head over to the river, as it will be hot. Oh, yes, and there’s that steamboat race, too.

Meanwhile, Peter Berkowitz has his list which includes the debut show at the new, very large Art Space/Warehouse named The Mammoth at 744 S. 13th Street, featuring Faun Fables, Ohlm, Ford Theatre Reunion, Opposable Thumbs, Parlour, Madame Machine and Softcheque on Derby Night. Berkowitz also has an interview with Faun Fables.
Berkowitz also interviewed via animo, playing a house concert on May 8.

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