Oct 262011

Check out the interview with Ryan Davis of State Champion. Sophomore Lounge and the upcoming Cropped Out Festival at the Never Nervous blog. It should offer you evidence that there are still plenty of young folks willing to work themselves to a frazzle to get their music out. Here’s an excerpt:

Never Nervous: You may currently be the busiest person I know. How do you manage to juggle a band, a record label, and a major upcoming festival?

Ryan Davis: It’s a lot of stress, to be honest. Often with little or no reward beyond the hope that eventually people will care and be touched or helped by something that my friends and I have done. I’m kind of always on the verge of totally losing my shit, but I think one thing sort of fuels the next, or maybe one thing gets done in the process of putting off another thing. There’s some sort of yin and yang to it all that I can’t really explain, but usually everything I do—be it booking a tour or releasing a record or whatever—ends up somehow working out at the very last minute. Not a great way to operate, but there are only so many hours in a day. I complain about having too much to do, but there is nothing more abysmal to me than the thought of having nothing to do. When you work at a construction site or a law firm from 9 to 5, you come home and watch TV or play video games or smoke weed or whatever one does to relax. But when you exist within that “real world” as little as possible, just enough to fuel your creative aspirations, then the second you’re home from work, you’re back at work. E-mailing or making calls or fixing something or pulling your hair out. Never a dull moment.

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