Jul 132011

Kudos to Peter Berkowitz, the once seriously under-utilized C-J blogger and now LEO music editor, who is boosting the music coverage in LEO via old-fashioned hard work (at least). Besides posting artist interview frequently – if not, in fact, daily – on the Bluegrass Catastrophe website, he’s managing to get more coverage into the print edition as well, which is all to the good for the Louisville music scene(s). Here at LMN, we give him a big ol’ tip of the MERF ballcap for his efforts. Now on to this week’s issue:

    Jason Noble authored “A short talk with Softcheque,” the latest, perhaps, in the string of interestingly different, exploratorial Louisville bands, which has released a new CD, Misericord, available on their Bandcamp site.
    Noble also chats with Seluah, which recently released a new CD, Red Parole.
    Berkowitz interviews Louisville singer-sognwriter Joan Shelley.
    Damien McPherson profiles Appalatin, set to play the Rudyard Kipling on July 22.
    McPherson also chats with JD Green about her most recent CD, Diurnal Movements..

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