Dec 172014

Brigid Kaelin has a new video of the country Hanukkah classic, “Mazel Tonk,” involving the Blue Dreidel from her 2007 video “Dreidel’s Day Out (Blue Dreidel No. 9)”. Shot during Bardstown Aglow, the video was directed by Allison Stovall with cinematography by Jesie Lynn White. Brigid claims “I had absolutely nothing to do with this video.”
Watch it:

Dec 112014

A few Louisville music items to note:

Syd Bishop, who seems to be doing roughly 87% of all the music writing in town, has a couple of reviews in this week’s LEO: a review of Savage Master’s Mask Of The Devil and a review The Hookers’ latest aural assault, It’s Midnight….The Witching Hour.

Bishop also has an interview with Hunter Embry and Dave Chale, co-owners of the New Vintage, as his own site, Never Nervous.

There’s an unsigned review of the Tamerlane Trio’s Be It Ever So Humble in this week’s LEO.

Dec 112014

Syd Bishop has a length story in this Week’s LEO on the new low power FM radio stations in Louisville, with Crescent Hill Radio, ARTxFM, FORward Radio and Vault 1031 featured. Quite a solid story a new wrinkle in the radio market in Louisville. Read it here. (The story seems to be the cover but as the site is undergoing changes, it’s hard to tell, and your honorable editor hasn’t picked a physical copy as yet.)