Jul 252014

Yes, Yes , one of the greatest of prog rock bands from the 70s, is back at the Louisville Palace on July 29. They’ve settled into a steady habit of playing their oldies, of which there is certainly a goodly number. If you remember them, like them and/or have those LPs (What’s that?) with the really cool cover art, this is the show for you. Tickets range from $25 to $75.

The Yes story Part 1:

The Yes story Part 2:

Here are some Additional interviews with members of you that you might find interestings as well:
Steve Howe:

Chris Shire:

Jon Anderson:

Rick Wakeman:htt

Keith Emerson:

Check out this live performance from 2013:


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Jul 242014

Does Devon find that people have certain expectations of him? ‘I don’t really pay attention to it; if I did it would take me off my game. I don’t keep track of what people expect. I’m my own guy doing my own music.’ – Keith Gordon, About,com Blues
Okay, when you have the Allman name – and more to the point, are the son of Gregg Allman – you get a bit more attention for your music than your average blues-rock guitarist. It’s certainly the case with Devon Allman, who is bringing his band to The New Vintage on July 27. Interestingly enough, Devon didn’t meet his father until he was in his teens. Early on, he tried to distance himself from the Gregg Allman sound but finally gave in to the gravity of inheritance and took up the blues-rock style. His earliest successful band was Honeytribe, which group’s last record was 2010’s Space Age Blues. He’s also worked on a project he calls the Royal Southern Brotherhood, which is a blues-rock supergroup of sorts. He also has released a solo record, Turquoise, in 2012. Presumably, the band he’s bringing to the New Vintage is the backing band for this record. Opening for the show are 30 Spokes, Local Villains and Jericho Woods. Tickets to the show are $15.

Watch the Devon Allman Band with Erica Blinn play “One Way Out”:


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Jul 242014

In this week’s LEO, Marty Kasdan, Jr. has a piece on the universalist band Ut Gret, which has been playing around Louisville for years and years. The title of the piece is “Ut Gret Is Far Out,” which is an understatement.
Marty also has a longer piece on Pat Metheny and the Unity Group.
Finally, if you must read more about Forecastle, go here
You can go here to read whatever the C-J has to print about music recently.

Jul 242014

The crew at Never Nervous can be counted on to write about Louisville rap and hip-hop, bless ‘em. For today, they have a review of B-Rad From The Breeze’s Love & Other Drugs release, plus a short item on the release of a new single, “Oz,” by a Louisville rapper who goes by 1200.

Jul 242014

“The Unity Band record and tour was life changing for me, and I really wanted to find a way to keep it going and take it to the next level. One night, I woke up with the tantalizing idea of taking the concept of ‘unity’ even further. With this next project, I envisioned building a platform capable of addressing the entire spectrum of things I have done over the years, from Bright Size Life to Secret Story, from my Group projects to the Orchestrion, and more, all in one place.” – Pat Metheny
The Pat Metheny Unity Group will play the Kentucky Country Day Theater on Sunday, July 27. For Louisville jazz fans, Metheny and any of his several band configurations need no introduction. An all-around jazz master and multi-instrumentalist, he has performed with artists as diverse as Steve Reich to Ornette Coleman to Herbie Hancock to Jim Hall to Milton Nascimento to David Bowie. His body of work includes compositions for solo guitar, small ensembles, electric and acoustic instruments, large orchestras, and ballet pieces, with settings ranging from modern jazz to rock to classical. You will really be able to hear him in the intimate confines of the Kentucky Country Day Theatre, where – as of this post – there were still some 144 seats available. Tickets to the show are $55-$65.

Here’s a promo for the group:


Website: www.patmetheny.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PatMethenyUnityGroup

Jul 232014

It’s called The Warehouse Blues & Rhythm Showcase, mostly because it’s happening in the warehouse currently occupied (in part) by the Tim Faulkner Gallery in Portland. On the bill are Laurie Jane And The 45s, Tre Bella, Lamont Gillispie & the 100 Proof Blues Band, The Mr. Wonderful Production Band and the Walnut St. Blues Band. It’s happening on Saturday, July 26. The Gallery is at 1512 Portland Ave., which means it’s just off 15th Street, which is only seven blocks west of Eighth Street, so it’s not deep Portland. A simple drive along Main St., right on 15th, then three blocks or so to Portland Ave. and turn left. Since blues fans are not nearly so scared of venturing into unknown territory, this is actually a good plan for staging music in the Portland area that will draw from elsewhere in the city. (The hardcore shows are Nelligan Hall are another good draw.) Ticket are a very reason $10.

Here’s Laurie Jane And The 45s playing at Crescent Hill Radio’s Trolley Hop Stage in June:

Jul 232014

The Kottonmouth Kings headline the Summer Daze Tour, which will stop at the Vernon Club on Satruday, July 26. Also on the all-rap/hip-hop bill are Pilot Touhill, Imperial Soundclash, Chucky Chuck plus C4 & Nicky Gritts. Tickets are $20 adv/ $22 DoS.
Watch the Kottonmouth Kings perform “Hold It In”: